Annual Report 2015-16

We'd like to show you the ways we have created living waterways, enriched lives and transformed places during 2015/16.

Anderton Boat Lift Anderton Boat Lift

It's that time of year again when we can reflect on the past 12 months. A time to once again celebrate all the hard work, extraordinary passion and determination shown by everyone in the Trust, our volunteers and partners, whose dedication to these precious 200-year old waterways, ensure they will be used and enjoyed by generations far into the future.

What we've discovered 

During a typical two week period, 4.4 million people visit one of our waterways. Some may only use the waterways once, others may visit most days walking their dog or commuting to work.


Interactive StoryMap

Discover more highlights through our interactive Story Map

Our income, investments and resources

The Trust is unusual in the charity sector as it generates over 60% of its income from commercial sources with just over 1% from donations. It also has a large proportion of its total income from reliable income sources:

Income pie chart - annual report 2016

The proportion of the investments remaining in property, excluding JVs, at 31 March 2016 was almost 81% with the largest element of this being ground rents:

We have increased spend on our charitable activities essentially due to major infrastructure works, emergency repairs and third-party funded projects which included 51km of towpath improvements.

Case Studies

Canal and rivers belong to us all, and we have lots of case studies showcasing all the wonderful work and initiatives that have taken place over the past year. Click on the images below to read more about each case study.

Our projects

We've always got lots of work going on across our waterways that we are proud to share with you. Find out more about our campaigns, restoration plans and how we can make a difference.

Last date edited: 24 April 2020