A spring clean with a difference

Are you in need of recharging?

Our canals and rivers offer spaces on your doorstep to relax and reconnect when we need them the most.

We've been very busy this year. As well as the usual maintenance, our clean-ups have been somewhat dominated by the recent flooding. With the help of volunteers selflessly spending hours with us, we have achieved some wonderful results. Check out what we've been up to.

Cleaning and maintaining our waterways is a big job, and with over 2,000 miles to look after, this keeps us pretty busy. With the floods hitting the north over Christmas, many areas of our waterways have and will continue to receive extra attention this year.

Flood damage on Rochdale Canal Flood damage on Rochdale Canal

It's amazing what we can transform when we have volunteers and teams of people working hard in all weathers. It's appreciated and it really does make a difference. 

Wall of champions

Aire & Calder wall rebuild

Following our appeal we had lots of local volunteers help rebuild a wall along the Aire & Calder Navigation, as well as other repairs. Read more about what happened.

Aire & Calder wall rebuilding

How about these cadets tackling graffiti on the Hinckley Canal? The team, from Leicestershire Police, also removed litter and overgrown weeds.

Ashby Canal Cadets tackle graffiti Ashby Canal Cadets tackle graffiti

Draining and digging

We find all sorts in our canals when they've been drained. 

During our winter and summer open days you may even get a chance to see some of the interesting things found at the bottom of the canal.

Find out about our winter open days here.


Thanks to the Sikh community in Birmingham and Smethwick, a stretch of the Birmingham Main Line Canal got a good tidying, as part of their celebrations for Sikh Environmental Day.

Volunteering on the canal

Abseilers hanging around

These guys do an amazing job, dangling from heights that most of us wouldn't entertain...on a rope...on the Anderton Boat Lift. Thanks to these abseilers - we can watch from afar as they carry out maintenance on our treasured attraction. 


Abseilers at Anderton Boat Lift Abseilers at Anderton Boat Lift
Abseilers at Anderton Boat Lift Abseilers at Anderton Boat Lift

Last date edited: 1 March 2016