360 adventures on our canals

We know that spending time by our canals and rivers makes you happier and healthier. However, we also know that right now, it's not possible for many people to get to our waterways - just when everyone really needs them.

We want everyone to benefit from the wellbeing opportunities that our waterways offer. To make sure no one misses out, we’ve made a series of 360 virtual reality videos so you can enjoy our waterways wherever you are and whenever you want.

Pick your canal VR trip below

You can view this video using VR here

How to watch our latest VR 360 videos

  • Find a comfy spot to sit
  • Download the YouTube app onto you phone
  • Click one of the image boxes below for the video you want to immerse yourself in (the links will take you to our YouTube channel where these videos live)
  • Pop your phone in your VR headset
  • Place your VR headset on your head
  • Enjoy...

Last date edited: 18 March 2021