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Cathleen Ryan, senior hydrologist, and water management team volunteer champion, updates us on volunteering in the team

Hatton Volunteers

A great year for volunteering

2020 was another great year for volunteering in the water management team with over 1000 hours recorded. Our volunteers are an important part of our team. In 2020, they completed important annual updates to our team's weekly reports and monitoring spreadsheets; supported updating of our operational water control documents and produced several of our “Where does the water come from” posters, helping us to share what we do with our customers. Take a look at our full list of posters produced so far.

Our volunteers have had varied roles including assistant hydrologist, data analysts and lead volunteers. Canal hydrology is an exciting and interesting discipline involving: monitoring water use; making sure we are compliant with water legislation; planning and supporting operational teams to manage water resources; and ultimately protecting the Trust's water interests. Our volunteers work with hydrologists, hydrometric experts, engineers, project managers and other disciplines across the Trust.

We are a welcoming and friendly team, happy to share what we know and always looking for new opportunities that we need help with.

Last Edited: 20 June 2024

photo of a location on the canals
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