Trash tree decorations

A few weeks ago I held Trash Tree Decorations, a family drop-in workshop at Kindred Studios where participants worked with canal plastic, donated plastic and streamers made from widely non recycled plastic sheets.

Trash Tree Decorations, Kindred Studios Open Day, 2018 Trash Tree Decorations workshop

I really enjoy leading workshops like this as they are left with few rules so that participants can explore their creativity. Children work with their families and guardians to make eye catching decorations. While doing this they realise how much plastic waste exists and I hope that this will lead them on, to use less. This is a great activity and can be done at home, following a towpath clean, to begin the school holidays.

Wrapped in plastic

Since my last blog I’ve been busy as an invited artist at Wrapped In Plastic an awareness and solutions event to talk about eliminating plastics in our environment at WWF HQ in Woking. It was wonderful to meet different experts and talk about solutions. Refusing straws, bags and always taking litter home or ensuring that it goes securely into a bin are small steps that we can all take today.

Camilla (left) at Wrapped in Plastic Camilla (left) at Wrapped in Plastic

I’ve also been featured, alongside volunteers from the Canal and River Trust, in a video made at UCL called, Life on London’s Canals, which promotes the canal system and how to keep it clean. This video gives a lovely insight into the issues facing the canal in London today and what can be done to ensure that it can be enjoyed in the years to come.

Coming up

2019 will see me continuing to work with Plastics and my project Coast. I’ll be learning how to lead a river clean up and also participating on a voyage in Scotland exploring microplastics in our oceans.

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