Annual Lockage Report

We monitor lock operations across our network. This is an essential element in our water resources management and helps us to understand the changing patterns in use of the 2,000 miles of waterways in our care.

Lockage can be defined as lock usage through the filling and emptying of a lock chamber. This allows the movement of water and the passage of boats. As well as the latest annual lockage totals for each of the sites included over the last three years, in each report you can see the most popular locations for boat traffic on our network, maps showing the average annual lockage by region, and the change in recorded lockage from the previous year.

Want to know which locks are busiest? Did your favourite lock make the top 10 this year? Perhaps you could plan your next visit to one of our most popular locks?

We have been producing the Annual Lockage Report since 2001. Please view the previous years report below. If you would like to access any previous reports please get in touch via

Lock Keepers

Last date edited: 1 February 2022