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Family feeding the ducks Location: Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Chris, Phil, Phoebe & Bella

"We've all come to feed the ducks first and then feed ourselves after that!"

Do you mind if we take a picture of your grandchildren feeding the ducks?

"Well, the funny thing is about 28 years ago the same thing happened to my other daughter (the girls' auntie) when she was just a little girl feeding the ducks too! She was off school with chicken pox and so I was looking after her and decided to bring her down here to feed the ducks - thinking it would be quiet and no one would see her spotty face. But a film was being made about the canal on that day, and they asked if they could photograph the little girl feeding the ducks. I didn't really realise it was a professional film, so I didn't think any more about it. Then one day our neighbours, who were canal enthusiasts, came running round to the house all excited saying they'd bought this video and there was my daughter, the girls' auntie, in the film feeding the ducks!

It's lovely having grandchildren and coming here, and it looks like family history is repeating itself today. When their auntie was only six or seven she looked just like the girls do today with blonde hair tied in plaits - oh, except she had a spotty face!"

Phil, Chris, Phoebe & Bella, Bathampton Bridge, Kennet & Avon Canal