3.2km linear Step by Step walk at Goytre Wharf, Mon & Brec

Starting at Goytre Wharf, this linear walk to Pentre Bridge is 3.2km long or 2 miles.

This Step by Step route is a series of short stages, with breaks at points of interest. There’s plenty to see without walking the whole route. Why not start with a short walk and come back again to explore further?

The towpath is surfaced for all weather walking. View our film below for a taster of the route along the Mon & Brec.

Start point: Goytre Wharf, NP7 9EW

End point: NP4 8RJ (approx)

Distance: 3.2km or 2m

The route

1. Start at Goytre Wharf, where you'll see the lime kilns, walk under the aqueduct. There is a steep ramp on your left up to the towpath.
2. At Saron Bridge 0.6km/0.4m in, notice the stop planks that are placed under the bridge and used for maintenance work. 
3. At 1km/0.6m, notice the stone steps at Penyrheol Bridge.
4. Pass under Park-y-Brain Upper Bridge at 1.4km/0.9m.  
5. At 1.6km/1m you pass Park-y-Brain Lower Bridge, look out for a Great Western Railway diamond shaped weight restriction sign from 1880. Also make time to enjoy all the oak and alder trees along this part of the canal.
6. At 2km/1.3m, you'll pass Birdspool Bridge.
7. At 2.6km/1.6m, you'll pass High House Bridge and local mooring and facilities.
8. At 2.9km/1.8m, you'll come to Croes-y-Pant Bridge. Here marks the boundary of the Brecon Beacons National Park and look out for the London and Northwestern Railway sign on the road above.
9. Finally at 3.2km/2m, you'll finish your walk at Pentre Bridge.