Open water swimming

We know that for some people, indoor swimming just isn't their thing. The open waters across our network often seem like inviting, cool places to grab some exercise. We're strongly advising anyone interested in open water swimming to make sure you have licensed supervision and support.

Open water swimmer Open water swimmer

Find your nearest club searching on Triathlon England; clubs will provide support while swimming, and can advise and possibly provide you with the right gear.

Check out the following for advice and more information about open water swimming:

If you are a triathlon club and would like to use one of our reservoirs for training please contact your regional team who'll be able to talk you through everything from the nearest venue to the insurance you'll need. 


We're also currently working towards a new open water swimming initiative called Sh2out - a joint venture between British Triathlon and the Royal Life Saving Society. Sh2out promotes water safety and enjoyment with accredited open water swimming and triathlon clubs. So we're working hard as part of this initiative to create safe swimming venues across our reservoirs.

Last date edited: 29 November 2019