Looking forward to National Fishing Month

National Fishing Month kicks off shortly and for the first time the Trust are getting actively involved. We are all concerned about the decline in participation of young people in angling. Read on to find out what role the Trust is playing in helping reverse this decline.

Learning to fish on the canal

Origins on the Trusts’ Go Fish Campaign

Back in the autumn of 2015, not long before Becca Dent’s farewell to fisheries, we were approached by our internal campaigns team. They were interested in our views on the Trust getting involved in a campaign involving people trying fishing on our waterways. They had in mind a campaign of around a month or so in duration and ideally taking place in the summer months.

Not reinventing the wheel

Although we had never played an active role, we were well aware of the work that National Fishing Month had carried out over many years. Several of our customer clubs were actively involved in organising events on an annual basis. So it made sense for us to formally team up with National Fishing Month to run a series of events in each of our waterway units during the summer of 2016.

Twenty events and rising

As at 7 July we had more than 20 separate events confirmed with around 30 days coaching in total. All of these events will be run by qualified and licensed level two coaches. With the help of National Fishing Month we have invested in several hundred starter kits designed for canal fishing. We will be giving away a number of these to new starters at each event to those making up front bookings via our website. Follow the link to find an event near you.

Learn to Fish videos

It was felt important to be able to offer on-going basic help to the beginner. Therefore we have teamed up 2014 Canal Pairs champions Simon Mottram and Simon Preece and produced a series of five short instruction videos which have just gone live on our website.

Filmed on the Market Drayton stretch of the Shropshire Union on a lovely sunny day back in June, the videos cover:

  • setting up the rig
  • plumbing the depth
  • hooks, maggots & groundbait
  • casting & catching your first fish
  • unhooking & returning fish to the water

We hope our efforts will lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of people catching their first canal fish during the summer.

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