Why I'm hooked on fishing

Hi, I’m Jake and this is my first blog for the Trust. I haven’t been working here long as I joined in July, so I thought I would take a bit of time to introduce myself and some of the things that have made me the angler I am today.

Small perch Small perch

That bite was when my love of fishing started.

I have been fishing for 12 years now, I still remember the first time I ever went fishing when I was 11. I was using one of my dad’s old rods, a 10ft Shakespeare which I still use now, and fishing a float on one of the drains in Boston.

After missing the first few bites (as I didn’t know what I was doing) I remember seeing the float go down again and off into the water, after a quick panicked attempt at what I hoped was a strike I reeled in my first fish, a spiky little perch. I remember being really careful with it, as it put its spiky dorsal fin up when I got it out of the water, and then after removing the hook I watched it swim back off into its watery home. That bite was when my love of fishing started.

It's amazing what you can learn

I was fortunate enough to live near a drain when I was growing up which was perfect for nipping down for a couple of hours after school or whenever I had the chance really. I used to go with my brother and also helped a few of the lads on my street get into it, still to this day if I see someone younger fishing, or anyone fishing really, I will stop and have a chat with them to see how they are getting on. It’s amazing how much you can learn from people sat on the bank, from little tips to useful local knowledge, if you aren’t that familiar with the place you’re fishing.

I remember one man who really helped me out when I was younger. It was one of the first times I was carp fishing at a local lake, I didn’t really know what I was doing as I was used to fishing on rivers and it must have been pretty obvious to the guy fishing next to Junior anglersme.

He came over and had a chat to me and I told him that it was my first time fishing for carp. He gave me a few rig bits to set-up a running lead rig - before I had been using a feeder set-up as I would use on a river - and showed me how to make it all up properly. I caught my first carp on a leger set-up that day and although I have modified parts of my approach, I still use what he taught me today.

I remember once when I was in a similar situation to him at the same lake in fact. I went for a little wander around the lake at lunch time and there was a couple of lads fishing. They had bought a whip and a few cheap rigs and weren’t having much luck.

10 minutes of time

I had a look at their rig for them and they were using too big a hook and the shotting wasn’t great so I sorted their rig out so it was suited to the lake. I remember about half an hour later I could hear the lads shouting excitedly as they had caught a fish. They came past me on their way home and were really thankful for my help as they had caught a few fish and enjoyed their day.

Angling on the canalTaking 10 minutes of my time chatting to them made the difference between them sitting there for the day catching nothing and having a few fish. Hopefully this little gesture encouraged them to go fishing again and get more into it. I would like to think that maybe one day they will do the same for someone else.

To me, fishing is a great chance to get outdoors, enjoy a bit of peace and quiet and hopefully catch a few fish, but it is also something that you should help others to enjoy too. You never know how valuable 10 minutes of your time could be for someone just starting up.

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Jake joined the Trust in July 2015 as part of the Marketing & Communications team. He first went fishing aged 11 and has been hooked ever since. Jake will be telling you some stories from the bank as well as some helpful hints to hopefully pass on some of what he has learned over the years.

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