Division 1 nationals

Match anglers will already be looking forward to the 2020 Division One national.

Angling scene courtesy of Match fishing magazine Angling scene courtesy of Match fishing magazine

Division One Nationals - the illusive triple

Starting in 1906, it’s a competition with a unique history and heritage. No team has ever won three Division Ones on the bounce. Could 2018 and 2019 winners Barnsley make history, or will a narrow canal once again stop this top team in their tracks? One squad who some might feel have an outside chance will be Crewe Match Group. They too could make history by winning Division One 12 months after their Division Two success. That feat has yet to be achieved in national history.

Venue and entry details 2020

The Angling Trust Division One event, the pinnacle of the match angling calendar, is being hosted by Northampton Nene Angling Club on the Grand Union Canal from bridge 22 at Dodford southwards to bridge 64 at Castlethorpe on:

Saturday 15 August 2020

The draw will take place at Towcester Racecourse, London Road, Towcester NN12 6LB. The hard-working competitions team at Angling Trust will be dealing with entries. Should you not have already done so, we advise team captains to get their entry paperwork sorted as soon as possible. Only the top 40 team from last year’s Division One plus the ten promoted teams from Division Two are eligible to compete. But any other team or club, providing they are Angling Trust members may register with Angling Trust to take part in the 2020 Division Two national. The second division event is being held on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal on Saturday 12 September with a maximum of 3,400 teams (yes, it’s not a typo, 3,400 teams but it’s unlikely that many will book on) taking part. Bloodworm and joker as well as pellets are not permitted in this match.

Pairing up

Host club Northampton Nene (team winners back in 1963) have arranged plenty of practice match opportunities. Included in the practice matches are two heats of the Canal & River Trust/Angling Trust canal pairs championships. It’s a great practice opportunity under match conditions with the obvious bonus of potentially securing a coveted place in the grand final with up to 11 pairs qualifying from each heat. The entry fee is £40 per pair via the Angling Trust website from February.

Full details and booking are on the Angling Trust website. The dates are:

  • Sunday 28 June 2020, Nether Heyford to Bugbrooke
  • Sunday 19 July 2020, Bugbrooke – Banbury Lane, Rothersthorpe

 Draws for both events will be at The Wharf Inn, Bugbrooke NN7 3QB.

Individual national

The equally prestigious Angling Trust Individual National will be held on Saturday 1 August with tickets available on the Angling Trust website. The draw will take place at Towcester Racecourse NN12 6LB. Typically this event attracts between 150 and 200 competitors. It’s great that Angling Trust have listened to the comments of individual anglers and have allowed the canal a fortnight’s break from matches before the big day.

Open matches

The planned open matches running up to the main event are: 

  • 14 June Grafton Regis
  • 12 July Yardley Gobion
  • 25 July Stoke Bruerne
  • 26 July Nether Heyford

To book on contact Chris Howard on 07711 086436 or by email to chrishoward4@sky.com

Entry will be £20 per ticket and the draw will be at The Cock Inn, Roade, NN7 2NW for the first three matches and The Wharf Inn, Bugbrooke NN7 3QB for the last one. Breakfasts will be available from 7.00am

Teams of four spring league

Details of the matches are as follows:

  • Round 1 - 29 March, Bugbrooke
  • Round 2 - 12 April, Nether Heyford
  • Round 3 - 26 April, Rothersthorpe
  • Round 4 - 10 May, Yardley Gobion
  • Round 5 - 17 May, Grafton Regis
  • Round 6 - 7 June, Stoke Bruerne

There is a £160 entry per four-man team with 100% pay-out. The league will be run on weight with £20 pools on day with 100% pay-out after peg fees. The draws will take place at The Wharf Inn, Bugbrooke NN7 3QB for the first three and at The Cock Inn, Roade NN7 2NW for the final three matches. The draw will take place between 8.00am & 8.30am with fishing from 10.30am to 3.30pm

To book in, contact Chris Howard on 07711 086436 or by email to chrishoward4@sky.com. Preferably only team captains to book in for the whole team thus limiting the number of phone calls received. Any cancellations must be made by noon of the day before the match otherwise team captains will be charged £10 for each entry not used.

Likely national sections

These are subject to amendment, but represent our best estimate at the time of writing. It should be noted that zander are present throughout the match length. If you do catch one, they must not be returned to the water. This regulation is part of the terms and conditions of the Trust KIFR permit issues to our landlords by the EA. 

  • Section A Dodford, NN7 4TA
  • Section B Weedon, NN7 4QD
  • Section C Nether Heyford, NN7 3LG
  • Section D Bugbrooke, NN73RW
  • Section E Rothersthorpe, NN7 3JF
  • Section F Stoke Bruerne, NN12 7SW
  • Section G Bozenham
  • Section H Grafton Regis
  • Section J Yardley Gobion
  • Section K Castlethorpe

Non-match fishing practice opportunities

Any individuals or teams wishing to practice can do so by booking in advance to either Chris Howard on 07711 086436 or email chrishoward4@sky.com or by contacting Let’s Fish! coach Mick Dimmock on 07833 967186 or email mjdimmock@hotmail.com

Tickets will be individually £5 per day, one-week tickets available at £15 per angler and team tickets for 1 day will be £40 and only if paid in advance by cheque or direct payment. Confirmation email will be proof of payment.

Help us keep the canal clean

After finishing your session, please take any excess bait or groundbait home with you. Please don't throw it in the hedgerow as it can attract vermin or complaints to both the club and our landlords at Canal & River Trust about swarms of flies. Similarly, do not throw excessive quantities of unused bait into the canal as it can rot on the bottom.

Press, filming permission and possible national winners

Please note, if you intend to do press features of filming you need to get permission from both the club and the Canal & River Trust. It would not be politic of Northampton Nene to even begin to pick the winning teams. Doubtless John Ellis from Canal & River Trust will be sticking his neck out in the runup to the big day which will be covered live on Facebook on the Canal & River Trust Angling page. With plenty of skimmers and roach starting to come back following the zander management work of the past three or four years, it promises to be an interesting match.

Last date edited: 16 December 2019