Suzie’s coaching story

Starting out on the lakes of her native Zimbabwe, Suzie Galloway has been fishing on and off since the age of three. After moving to the UK, she decided to train to become an angling coach and is now one of only a handful of female Let’s Fish! coaches.

Let's Fish coach Suzie Galloway holds up a fish she's caught Let's Fish! coach Suzie Galloway

Having already taught her three children to fish, Suzie’s formal coaching journey started in 2008. She successfully navigated the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications and is now a full-time freelance angling coach, working mostly with children who have special educational needs or disabilities.

Suzie also runs the junior section at Northampton Nene Angling Club and was unofficially hailed as the “most improved coach of the year” for 2020 by our national fisheries and angling manager John Ellis.

We caught up with Suzie on the bank in autumn to find out why she enjoys coaching and what it’s teaching her.

Last date edited: 21 December 2020