4. Cast off and catch your fish

Learn how to cast off, watch your float, and identify when and how to strike.

Things to remember:

  • Keep watching the float!
  • As soon as the float goes under you should strike. Not too soft, but not too hard either.
  • If you catch a big fish, you may need to use a landing net to bring it in.
  • Once caught, fish should be unhooked and either returned directly back to the water or placed safely in a keepnet.
  • Do not fish while boats are passing. Once they have safely passed, wait until the water has settled before casting off again.

  • Stay safe. It’s safer to fish as part of a group, and children must always have the permission of a parent or guardian.

  • Before you go fishing you need a rod licence if you are 12 years of age or older. You also need permission from the fishery owner/angling club.

Last date edited: 24 December 2020