Regional Commonwealth Communities Celebration event rules

Here are the rules for the Regional Commonwealth Communities Celebration

Let's Fish! activity

1. Canal & River Trust and selected partner premiership Let’s Fish! clubs will organise regional Commonwealth Communities celebration events as part of United by Birmingham 2022. They will appoint a small group of persons who will be responsible for management of individual events. The club lead level two coach will be responsible for the on the ground arrangements necessary to ensure the event is run professionally in line with Let’s Fish! best practice.

2. The celebrations will be  “pegged down” event, pegs to be preferably 20 yards (18 metres) apart, or more where practicable. The draw for fishing positions will take place on the bank on the morning of event, commencing a minimum of 1 hour before the event start time. Participants must fish from where the peg number is placed.

3. Participants cannot change their peg position except as agreed by the lead coach. Any participant fishing at the wrong peg will unfortunately be disqualified.

4. The sections to be used in the celebrations to be closed for fishing to all participants from midnight five days prior to the celebration.

5. Entry to the celebrations is open to anyone aged 7-20 years of age on the day of the celebration. The categories are:

Cadets – 7-10 years of age on the day of the celebration,

Junior - 11-15 years of age on the day of the celebration,

Youth - 16- 20 years of age on the day of the celebration.

In exceptional circumstances, a sibling of a cadet participant who is approaching their 7th birthday, where the lead coach has evidence they can fish largely unaided, may be permitted to participate at the discretion of the lead level 2 coach. This would certainly apply whereby that person was subsequently eligible and intended to participate in the cadet section at the 2022 national celebration of young people and fishing.

6. The duration of the celebration will be three hours for cadets, and four hours for juniors and youth. Draw to take place 8.45 am to 9 am. Fishing will commence at 10 am. The signals to commence and cease fishing will be given by the lead coach.

7. All participants under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult who may also  help carry their tackle to their peg. The responsible adult must typically sit to the rear of the towpath and take all reasonable steps to avoid sky lining participants.

8. No participant may leave their fishing position during the celebrations other than to answer the call of nature or in an emergency situation.

9. Let’s Fish! coaches will do what they reasonably can to prevent spectators unreasonably approaching or interfering with the participants fishing.

10. For the first 90 minutes of the cadet and junior event, the maximum distance that participants can fish out from the bank is three metres and the maximum length of usable pole will be three metres. Further details and explanation of this rule can be found in the national celebration of young people and fishing rules and guidance can be found in this video.

11. Maximum length of poles permitted in this event after 90 minutes has elapsed is:

  • 10 metres for cadets,
  • 11.5 metres maximum for juniors,
  • 13 metres maximum for youth.

Floating poles are not permitted. It is ultimately the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure the participants use a length of pole which they can handle comfortably and which does not cause injury to the participant.

12. Participants are expected to be in sole control of their rod or pole at all times, cast or ship in and out their rod or pole at all times, must strike, play and land their own fish from the confines of the peg, bait their own hooks and feed their own pegs with groundbait and/or loosefeed. Reasonable help can be given to a participant by an accompanying responsible adult and appointed branded Let’s Fish coaches, especially where the participant is young and inexperienced.

Examples of reasonable help would include using a disgorger to unhook fish after the participant first attempting to unhook that fish, pulling for a break when snagged, tying a new hook to line, retrieving a lost section of pole from the waterway, using a landing net to assist the landing of a bonus fish or illustrating something that the participants is then asked to demonstrate back as part of their learning process. In the unlikely event of a dispute, the decision as to what’s reasonable shall be down to the lead coach and deemed final.

13. Loose-feeding, ground baiting or the use of a baited hook are not permitted before the commencement of the celebration. Participants are allowed to plumb the depth, test the shotting of floats etc before the all-in. A swim feeder cannot be used for any purpose prior to the starting signal or in the first 90 minutes of the celebration.

14. A participant can only use one rod or pole, one line and single hook at any one time. They may have other un-baited poles or rods and tackle assembled in a position behind or alongside them.

15. A participant must not cause annoyance to or seek to interfere with another participant or use mobile phones during the course of the celebrations. Participants and accompanying adults must act in a sporting manner at all times.

16. Any bait subject to local rules can be used, the lead coach can provide venue specific information. Baits that are allowed in all celebrations are various species of maggots, casters, worms, bread, bread based pellets such as Fjuka and hemp. Except where club rules permit it, the following baits and groundbait are not permitted in any 2022 regional celebration events, bloodworm and joker, any pellets containing fishmeal, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, boilies, lures, spinners, fish or dead fish and any groundbait containing fishmeal.

17. Participants must retain all fish in a keepnet, pegged at both ends to avoid contact with passing boat traffic. All fish caught are eligible for weighing except game fish, pike, zander, wels catfish and crustaceans.

In the event of capture of an invasive non-native species, the fish should be retained in the keepnet and managed in line with legislation by the lead coach.

18. Participants must cease fishing at the all-out signal. Should a participant still be playing a fish hooked as the finishing signal is given, they will be allowed up to 15 minutes to land the fish.

19. Participants are responsible for ensuring their pegs are clear of litter, including peg cards, and no participant shall have their catch weighed in who has litter on the banks or in their swim.

20. Participants aged 13 and over must possess an Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales rod licence. They are available free of charge to those aged 13 to 16 inclusive.

21. Any participant proved to be in contravention of these celebration event rules is liable to disqualification.

22. There are more useful guidelines and support on making the most of the day here.

Last date edited: 27 April 2022