Number 6: Mark Pollard

Luton born, both Mark and brother Chris were naturally talented anglers.

Mark Pollard and his catch Mark Pollard and his catch

A naturally attacking angler and incredibly consistent, Mark finished third on no fewer than four occasions in the Matchman of the Year league table over the period of a decade, representing Image and later Essex County with distinction. Along with Dave Berrow, Mark is perhaps the unluckiest angler never to fish the world championships for England but as is always the case, it’s tough to break into a winning team.

Mark has adapted to the commercial scene in recent years and remains a regular winner on the Fenland drains, performing better than ever in the winter of 2018/19. Alas, Mark rarely visits the canal towpath these days; who knows with the steadily increasing interest in the canal circuit, I wouldn’t yet rule out the occasional towpath visit for Mark before too long, especially if a future national is ever held on the southern Grand Union Canal. Somehow it would seem apt if Mark were to win this great championship on the venue where he first became a fishing master.

Last date edited: 14 June 2019