River Ouse cycle ride

Enjoy a ride along the River Ouse in York, exploring the city’s six mile scale model of the solar system.

View of bridge over River Ouse in York with geese swimming on the river River Ouse in York, courtesy of Steve F E Cameron

Distance: 6.8 miles

You’ll first join the River Ouse in Rowntree Park before heading south past York Racecourse, departing on your maiden voyage from the village of Askham to Mercury, Mars and Saturn – all the way to Pluto.

The latter’s inclusion may disappoint planetary pedants given its relegation to dwarf status in 2006, but the models of each planet along the route make it a fascinating one for curious minds.

British Cycling new logo

British Cycling have more about this route, and the other great canal rides, on their website.


Last date edited: 27 January 2022