Huddersfield Narrow cycle ride

This route has its origins in a bunch of rum smugglers from the quaint West Yorkshire village of Slaithwaite.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal towpath walk Huddersfield Narrow Canal towpath walk

Distance: 6.6 miles

Legend has it that while the smugglers were retrieving their illicit liquor from beneath the Huddersfield Narrow Canal on the night of a full moon, they were caught in the act by local excise men. Upon questioning, the quick-thinking smugglers insisted they were simply raking the fallen moon out of the water, and were duly left alone.

Hence the local name, moonrakers. 

Plenty of old tales will keep you entertained on this short traffic-free loop out towards Marsden, making it a perfect choice for a family day out.

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Last date edited: 17 June 2022