Heyford to Oxford cycle ride

Take a ride along the southern-most section of the Oxford Canal.

Lower Heyford, courtesy David Mould Lower Heyford, courtesy David Mould

Distance: 14.5 miles

Start point: Heyford train station, OX25 5PD

The rural part of the ride travels from Heyford through Enslow and Thrupp, past Kidlington and on to Summertown. The towpath can be very peaceful, although you're likely to see plenty of boating traffic on the water.  

The towpath surface does vary a little, perfectly good enough for making sensible progress. However, a road bike is probably not a great idea. 

As you near Oxford, the surface improves with metalled and level tracks.

Once you reach Oxford you can make your way to the train station in the city centre and catch the train back to your starting point.

Last date edited: 27 January 2022