10 reasons to take up canoeing

We work hard to support boats of all shapes and sizes on our canals and rivers because we know that spending time on the water can make us happier and healthier. Find out why we think canoeing could be a route to wellbeing for you.

Two people in a Canadian Canoe Canoeing in the centre of Birmingham

There’s nothing like exercise in the fresh air to make you feel good about yourself

Even if you’re just taking part in a gentle paddle, being outside and close to nature can lower your stress levels, help you sleep better and make you a happier person overall.

You’ll get closer to nature

Waterway wildlife is generally less shy around paddlers, so you’ll spot things that walkers and cyclists rarely get to see.

You’ll meet new and lovely people 

Paddlers are a cheery bunch. It must have something to do with spending so much time outside. Most clubs have a thriving social scene and attract members of all ages and interests so you’ll widen your circle of friends considerably.

You’ll get stronger 

Canoeing uses most of the muscles in your arms and shoulders – it’s wonderful for toning your upper body.

Paddling gives you something to look forward to

Whether you're working from home or staring out of the window of your office block, picture yourself leaving the office, driving to your nearest waterway and pulling on a wetsuit. Imagine getting into a canoe and floating out onto perfectly still water where nothing else matters.

It’s fun

Nearly two million people in Britain go canoeing each year. Have you ever seen a grumpy person paddling?

The whole family can get involved 

Canoeing is a very accessible sport and is great for kids and adults alike. Rather than taking your kids out to the cinema and sitting in silence why don’t you take your kids canoeing? Spend some quality time with them and make great memories that will last them a life-time.

It’s cheaper than you think 

When you’re starting out canoeing you don’t need to go and buy all of the equipment at once. Many canoe clubs will offer free taster sessions and hire out equipment at very reasonable rates.

The sport can be as extreme or gentle as you like 

Whether you want to paddle along a calm canal or take on an adrenaline-inducing white water course there really is something for everyone.

It will broaden your horizons 

Once you’ve mastered the basics, one of the best things about canoeing is the myriad of different places it can take you. Explore the canals and rivers in this country or set off to paddle the length of the Zambezi. The options are endless.

If we’ve inspired you to try out canoeing and you want to take the next step, then find out how to get started.

Happy paddling.

Last date edited: 18 November 2020