Knowle Locks virtual open day

We’re currently carrying out £175,000 of repair work at Knowle Locks, on the Grand Union Canal in Solihull. Our virtual open day lets you take a peek behind the scenes without leaving home.

Explore our interactive picture and find out what we're up to at Knowle Locks by selecting the different numbered circles. The videos are best viewed in landscape on a mobile phone.


Consisting of five wide locks we’re carrying out repairs to lock number 49 and will be replacing the bottom set of locks gates, refitting and relining the top set of gates so they’re watertight and replacing the lock ladders. This work is costing £175,000 and should be completed before Christmas.

Built in the 1930s Knowle Locks are considered fairly new in canal historical terms. The wide locks were built alongside the original single locks speed up traffic along the canal. The single locks are no longer in use, but you can still see the remains of the original locks along the canal.

The project videos

If you're having any difficulties watching the project videos you can see them all here:

Welcome to Knowle Locks

We're carrying out some winter maintenance works at Knowle Locks in Solihull. Sarah Rudy tells us more about these locks and how we look after them.

Heritage of Knowle Locks

Our Heritage Advisor, Kate Langley, tells us about the fascinating history of Knowle Locks.

Installation at Knowle Locks

Mobilisation Supervisor John Johnson talks about some of the ways we deal with the unique challenges of maintaining Knowle Locks

Restoring Knowle Locks

Join construction manager, Mark Hines, at the bottom of the recently-drained Lock 49.

Ecology of Knowle Locks

Our Ecologist Shaun Pope tells us about the fascinating flora and fauna that make Knowle Locks their home.

Volunteering at Knowle Locks

Our volunteers play a vital part in looking after our canals. Ralph Gaskin tells us why he loves volunteering with the Canal & River Trust.

Facts about Knowle Locks

Our team at Knowle Locks share some interesting canal facts.

Last date edited: 22 December 2020