Anglesey Branch (Wyrely and Ess'n Canal)

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The Anglesey Branch was built as a feeder in 1800 to carry water for the Wyrley & Essington Canal.

Anglesey branch, Anglesey Bridge courtesy Christine Johnstone Anglesey branch, Anglesey Bridge courtesy Christine Johnstone
Anglesey Branch  
Length 1.5 miles
Locks None
Maximum boat dimensions
(Guide only - weather conditions can affect water levels)
  • Length
  • Width
  • Draught
  • Headroom
21.34m 70ft
2.13m 7ft
1.22m 4ft
1.98m 6ft 6"

Anglesey Branch map

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The branch, which starts at Ogley Junction, was upgraded to navigable status in 1850 as new mines opened in the area. Coal continued to be transported along the branch from Anglesey Basin until 1967. The end of this branch is the furthest north it is currently possible to travel on the Birmingham Canal Navigations.

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