We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Services for boats

As a home from home, there are many things to consider when you go boating. Water, refuse disposal, sanitary facilities just to name a few.

Boat moored next to an electric point Wigrams Turn Marina

Over 200 marinas and boatyards throughout the network provide a wide range of boat sales, boat servicing, repairs, pump-outs and moorings.

Many have shops and chandleries and are also a good place to stop for local information and waterway maps, guidebooks and the odd pint of milk.

Use the search facility or enter your location into our local to you page to find boat services in your area.

Ran in to trouble?

We've pre-authorised two contractors to be able to recover customer’s boats if they are involved in an incident where the boat has sunk or is grounded. If the recovery is straightforward and does not involve mechanical lifting or the use of divers the new process should speed up the recovery operation. 

By quickly resolving a difficult situation the costs, for all concerned, are reduced as is the potential for damage to the boat and environment. We also aim to keep disruption to other customer’s enjoyment of the network to a minimum.

In providing this information we do not endorse or recommend using any particular boat recovery service or provider of a boat recovery service and you can choose other service providers if you wish.

The two organisations pre-authorised are:

Commercial Boat Services Ltd
Minerva, Souters Lane
The Groves
01244 344267

River Canal Rescue
Unit 10, Tilcon Avenue
ST18 0YJ
01785 785680

Last date edited: 18 February 2016