Booking a dry dock online

We have a number of dry dock facilities around the country that can be hired by boaters or contractors to carry out repairs or maintenance to craft. You can now book online to use Wigan Dry Dock and Ellesmere Dry Dock.

Ellesmere Dry Dock

These facilities are classed as workplaces which means you should take care to minimise the effect your work may have on yourself and on others. 

Our guidance aims to help you make the best use of these facilities and to minimise the risk of an accident occurring whilst using the dry dock. It covers common issues that may be encountered and the procedure to follow to minimise risk. The content is provided as general guidance only; it does not aim to cover all activities or problems that may be encountered by the hirer, only an overview to assist planning.

Please remember it is the responsibility of every individual carrying out work in the dry dock to assess the risks associated with their activities. As a hirer or user of this dock it is your responsibility to carry out such a risk assessment and to ensure all necessary precautionary measures are in place for your activities.

Once you have read the guidance you can complete your application online. We will then use the information you provide to assess whether it is appropriate for us to grant you permission to carry out the requested work. Once you begin you will be responsible for your works - you will not be advised how to carry them out.

It is also your responsibility to ensure sufficient insurance cover is in place to cover loss or damage to the craft and any claims for injury or damage to third parties or their property caused by the works. We will ask for evidence of appropriate insurance before you are permitted to commence any work within the dry dock

If you have any questions then please call us on 0303 040 4040

Last date edited: 22 February 2017