Boater Report 2021

The Boater Report gives an overview of how we generate income, including the four-fifths of income which comes from non-boating sources, and how the money is invested in the network.

Family sitting on a lock gate watching canal boats 'Gongoozling' (watching canal boats) at Stoke Hammond, Grand Union Canal

Have you ever wondered how we keep our waterways safe and open for navigation? Or perhaps you’re more interested in how we've overcome the coronavirus pandemic and how we've supported boaters' welfare?

The report also includes information on major repairs, and how we carry out day to day maintenance across the waterway network. 

If you’re a boat licence holder, we'll send you a PDF of the report along with your licence renewal or if you’re buying a boat licence for the first time. A small number of printed copies will be available for those boaters without email. 

Looking for information about 2020? Take a look back at our 2020 Boater Report.

What would you like to see in our 2022 report?

We’re interested to hear your feedback to understand what information you find most useful, and whether there are any other aspects of our work that you'd like to see more of in future reports.

Last date edited: 21 December 2021