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Renting a boat to live on, or hiring out your own boat

Having a boat as a home is a popular choice for some people and some boat owners are keen to find ways to help offset the costs of owning and maintaining a boat.

Renting out your own boat

If you rent out your boat you'll be a landlord and have a duty of care to your tennant. You'll need to organise a non-private boat safety certificate, commercial insurance and proof that you’ve gone through the handover procedure correctly.

To rent out your boat you'll also need to get a home mooring with planning consent for residential use. These moorings are in very short supply, so it's best to wait until you've secured an appropriate mooring before you apply for a Residential Letting licence.

Renting a boat to live on

If you go to inspect a possible boat, make sure that it’s displaying a valid navigation authority licence – for boats on our waterways, a square licence should be in the window facing outwards. This will have the letters ‘RL’ clearly marked in the centre if the boat is licensed for Residential Letting and the letters ‘SDHH’ if it is licensed for holiday hire.

If you have any doubts call 03030 404040 with the boat’s name and index number. Explain that you’re thinking of renting the boat and ask them to confirm that it has the right kind of licence.

Please don't rent a boat without the correct type of licence – it will not have been checked by us. It's also not a good idea to rent a boat without a designated home mooring.

Last date edited: 25 October 2016