Waterway Charities Appeal

Will you help us support the many small waterway-based charities in our local communities to ensure their survival during these unprecedented times?

We've launched an appeal to help support small waterway-based charities in our local communities. Without immediate help, the coronavirus pandemic could prove disastrous for these organisations.

In solidarity with them, we are matching public donations to our appeal up to £50,000. On top of that, our chief executive, Richard Parry, has announced that he will also donate 20% of his salary for the first three months of the year. 

Just like you, we want to see our canal and river communities thrive, so that everyone can feel better by water. 

Vital opportunities for local people

The future of these charities - who provide vital opportunities for local people, often disadvantaged, with disabilities or simply unable to otherwise enjoy the waterways - is threatened. Many of them have seen their fundraising income drastically reduced, putting the benefit they provide to so many communities at risk.

These very local charities provide people with opportunities in life where, and when, it is needed the most - from helping tackle loneliness and dementia, to supporting disadvantaged children and young people in some of the most deprived parts of the country.

Invaluable work

What they all have in common is that they carry out their invaluable work on our wonderful waterways bringing beauty and wellbeing to the heart of diverse communities.

We will distribute all of the funds raised by this appeal in small grants to local waterway-based community charities, to ensure they can continue to operate in the months and years ahead.

Last date edited: 21 May 2020