Support canals and rivers on your doorstep

More than ever, all of us need open and accessible spaces where we can recharge from the stresses and strains of daily life. Our canals and rivers provide these spaces.

However, caring for our canals has never been so challenging. And new risks linked to climate change are putting more strain than ever on our ageing infrastructure. Can you help us keep local canals and rivers open and accessible when we need them the most?

Reclaim your lunchtime Reclaim your lunchtime

Become a Waterways Champion

Each year, over £150 million of our charitable income and over 540,000 volunteering hours are spent keeping our canals and rivers open and accessible for us all to enjoy. Will you help us?

  • Over 4.3 million people enjoy our canals on a regular basis
  • 2 million people like to take a healthy towpath walk
  • 690 thousand cyclists include them in their cycle route
  • Over 1.4 million people like to visit just to relax and sit/stand by water

Become a Waterways Champion by making a monthly donation. You'll help us maintain our canals and rivers, and keep them open and accessible for you and everyone in your community who needs a special place to relax, recharge and reconnect.

Your gift will ensure that you and your local community will continue to have open, free access to our canals and rivers, and all the wellbeing opportunities they offer.

Your Waterways Champion benefits

By becoming a Waterways Champion you will join a like-minded community, who cares deeply for the wonderful diverse waterways network that brings wellbeing to local people and their communities.

Waterways champion

As a valued supporter, you'll receive:

  • your Waterways Champion certificate recognising the difference you’re helping us to make
  • top 'Living Well' tips to help you look after your wellbeing
  • our newsletter, packed with exciting updates on the work your gifts are helping to fund
  • exclusive emails immersing you in the world of our canals and rivers

Other ways to support your local canals

If a regular donation isn't right for you, you can still make a difference. Every £1 you give will help us keep our canals and rivers open and accessible for us all to enjoy when we need them the most.

Thank you

Together we can continue to transform places and make a lasting difference to the physical and mental wellbeing of so many communities, enriching people’s lives and their health now and in the future.

Last date edited: 4 August 2020