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Almost two thirds of households within 1km of our canals and rivers don’t have access to the same life opportunities that many of us take for granted.

We’re in an ideal position to help rebalance this. From our Let’s Fish! programme, to our Youth Wellbeing Hubs, our programme of community activities can make a positive difference to young people’s lives. Will you help us continue to offer a lifeline to young people living by our canals and rivers?

Liam's Story

Liam was struggling at school until he joined one of our waterways’ community projects and now, he’s a young man, full of confidence, helping other children to enjoy the benefits of our waterways.

Become a Waterways Champion

Every year, hundreds of thousands of our charitable funds and many hours of volunteering are spent to deliver our community projects along our canals and rivers.

Over the past year:

  • We've partnered with 131 groups of young people, to help give them new skills, confidence and life opportunities 
  • 84,300 children participated in our learning programmes
  • Our established Let’s Fish! initiative saw its largest
    numbers yet, with 147 events last year
  • 13,367 children took part in outdoor education sessions by the canal
  • 120 education volunteers have inspired the next generation to connect with the natural environment

Become a Waterways Champion today by making a monthly donation and help young people to enjoy the wellbeing benefits of our waterways.

Your Waterways Champion benefits

By becoming a Waterways Champion you will join a like-minded community, who recognise the vital impact of our community projects in the wellbeing of children and young people.

Waterways champion

As a valued supporter you will receive: 

  • your Waterways Champion certificate acknowledging the difference you’re helping to make
  • top 'Living Well' tips on looking after your wellbeing
  • our newsletter, packed with exciting features and updates on the work your gifts are helping to fund
  • monthly emails immersing you in the world of our canals and rivers

Other ways to support local communities

If a monthly donation isn't right for you, you can still make a difference to young people's lives.

Thank you

Together we can make a positive difference to children and young people.

Last date edited: 14 September 2020