Donate today to make canals blue, green and better

With one in eight people having no access to a private outside space, canals have become vital back gardens for many.

Over the past 18 months our canals have provided us with a vital escape outdoors, essential to our physical and mental wellbeing. We believe that no other UK charity brings so much free, open and accessible space and we want to keep it that way.

However, looking after these precious spaces is costly and takes many hands. We urgently need your support today to continue making our canals blue, green and better for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you

Your gift will help us secure the future of our canals, revitalising the places they run through and creating much more needed outside space for everyone to enjoy.

Other ways to support

If you're not in a position to make a donation right now there are plenty of other ways that you can help make canals blue, green and better.

Every small action you take can make a huge difference.

Last date edited: 31 August 2021