We love and care for your canals and rivers, because everyone deserves a place to escape.

Help us restore lock lobbies

Will you help restore a matching pair of lock lobbies, providing a base for volunteers and the local community to protect the Calder & Hebble Navigation?

Image of Elland and Brookfoot lock lobbies Elland and Brookfoot lock lobbies

The Grade II listed Elland and Brookfoot lock lobbies were formerly toll houses dating back to the 1850s. Now, they are in a poor state of repair and the group’s volunteers urgently need to raise £30,000 to stop them falling down.

To make Elland and Brookfoot a hub for the local community, they need to be brought up to a safe standard to prevent further damage. If this doesn’t happen they are in danger of collapsing and will become completely unusable.

Become part of the history

By donating today, you will become part of the history of the lobbies. They will be used to educate and train volunteers, members of the community and staff about our waterways and the essential role they play in today’s society. 

Our waterways give people space to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, connecting them to nature, history, and architecture. Unless we complete the Elland and Brookfoot restoration and keep educating people about our canals and rivers, they won’t be protected forever. 

Build a relationship with the waterways

Restoring the lock lobbies will enable an entire community to build a relationship with the waterways and show them what could be lost if they do not remain protected.

Thank you for your support.


Every penny you give will be spent directly and entirely on this project.

When projects are fully funded we no longer accept donations against it. If for any reason we do raise more than we can spend on this project, your donation will be reallocated to similar projects elsewhere in our network. 

If you would prefer to donate offline or are having difficulties, please call our Supporter Care Team:

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