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Hayhurst Quay - Northwich

The Hayhurst Quay scheme has created a vibrant waterfront development, providing public access to a previously private waterfront. It has created a high quality waterside public space, successfully integrated with a new marina providing 40 moorings and a new elegant 18,000 sq. ft. Waitrose food store.

Northwich Marina

Partners - H20 Block

The site previously comprised redundant and derelict commercial buildings, a mooring scheme in need of investment and improvement, and a derelict floating hotel. The collective impact of this was an unattractive, underused and unloved section of river through the town.

Development of the site has created an already well-used public waterfront space for the town. It offers a high quality, sustainable and contemporary environment which establishes a precedent for other waterfront schemes in the pipeline elsewhere in Northwich. The new open space also creatively incorporates heritage features, such as the historic slipway, within its very fabric, to strengthen its links with the water and its historic boating past.

Phase Two of development will provide extra care residential accommodation for older residents. It will also create a waterfront restaurant unit offering views over the river, marina and swing bridges. This will provide a much-needed leisure resource for Northwich, drawing a range of users to the waterfront throughout the day and evening.

For more information on the extra care residential facilities please visit Mccarthy and Stone - Northwich

Last Edited: 09 December 2020

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