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Terms and definitions

Lay by or basin
A historic or modern widening or extension to the navigation.

Adjacent to one of the banks of the navigation.

Long-term mooring
The mooring where a boat can legally be kept when not cruising.

A mooring site for at least 50 boats which is separate from the main waterway track. Usually has ancillary facilities.

An area of water space adjacent and connected to the navigation. May be purpose built, a natural lake or backwater.

The opposite side to the towpath.

A stretch of waterway between two locks.

A test of the water-tightness of a waterspace.

A temporary closure to the navigation, usually to allow for works to the waterway infrastructure. May involve de-watering a section.

The pathway along the bank of the navigation which is accessible to the public.

Visitor mooring
A site designated by us for short stops. The time limit varies from a few hours, overnight or up to 14 days maximum. Charges may apply.

Winding hole
A widening of the canal where a 70' boat can turn around.

Last Edited: 16 February 2022

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