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Road access and utilities

Access to the nearest public highway can be a significant cost.

Initial discussions with your Local Highway Authority should provide an early indication of whether road access will be permitted and whether highway improvements will be required. They are likely to be concerned about the impact of your customers' cars on local roads.

The cost of connecting to local services is likely to be a major cost, as well as diverting any services that may cross the site. You may also need to upgrade the capacity of existing services on site. You will therefore need to contact the local utility offices or arrange for a specialist surveyor to identify the necessary connections, diversions and costs.

In some locations, especially rural ones, it may be difficult or impossible to connect to the mains for disposal of surface water. If there are no other suitable ways of disposing of surface water (land drains, soakaways, etc) we can, subject to conditions and to the marina developer entering into a formal agreement, permit clean surface water to be discharged into the marina basin and hence into the canal.

Local Authorities

Water Companies


Last Edited: 11 June 2024

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