Locating the marina entrance

The location of the entrance connecting to the navigation, is an important consideration in terms of providing for safe access and egress to the waterway. We have produced an advisory entrance layout drawing which you should have regard to when producing your Feasibility drawings.

For more details please view the section; Locating the entrance of the mooring basin/marina

Lay-bye marinas

Lay-by marinas on the towpath side of the canal will not be permitted and an entrance (isolation) structure must be provided along with a towpath bridge to accommodate the towpath. (Permission is unlikely to be granted for towpaths to be diverted from its original line, such that it cannot be used for its original design function to facilitate the towing of boats).

Lay-by marinas on the off side of the canal will be permitted and must satisfy design criteria for marina entrances on the New Marinas website to ensure the lay-bye footprint extends far enough into adjacent land to accommodate all types of boats and allow sufficient room to manoeuvre boats safely, and without encroaching on the main navigation.

Last date edited: 14 December 2015