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Separator Toilet waste collection service in London

Separator Toilet waste collection service in London

A start-up business providing a ‘doorstep' collection service for boaters of composting toilet waste started initially on the East London canal network.

We are providing funding to Circular Revolution to operate the service for a year-long pilot, to help boaters observe forthcoming restrictions. From the end of December 2021 we request that no bagged solid waste from separator/compost toilets is disposed of in Canal & River Trust waste bins.

Eve Mackinnon set up Circular Revolution in 2020, when she realised how many London boaters struggled with having the space, time or desire to compost on board, but also wanted to move away from chemical toilets and complications of relying on Elsan points. Eve also wanted to complete the loop, harnessing the vital nutrients for soil in a safe way.

Canal delivery - separator toilets

Circular Revolution now provides regular scheduled collections, picking up bagged organic waste from collection caddies, every two weeks.

The service also provides a 17 litre collection caddy, and compostable bags to use in the caddies. The service uses what3words to locate boats, meaning continuous cruisers are free to roam and do not have to travel to specific collection points, but sharing a location prior to collection is key.

Initially the scheme took off in East London, but now West London is open for pre-order - keep an eye on their collection zones.

It is easy to order either service through the website. All the material collected must be organic, no plastics, metals, or liquids will be accepted. There are still regular collection spots available if you'd like to get involved.

More details on the service and how to order are here.

Last Edited: 23 May 2024

photo of a location on the canals
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