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Accessible Moorings - North West

Accessibility for visitor moorings at Cadley, Lancaster, Carnforth, Upper Mill, Chester, Wigan, Anderton

Cadley Visitor Moorings

Rings or Bollards: Bollards

Towpath surface: Paved area, access track is of hardcore matter

Accessibility to Preston: Offside access through services main gate, gradient to access track at services is approximately 27%. Towpath access is at Bridge 10, various shopping outlets to local vicinity.

Car Parking: Cadley services

Toilets: Cadley services

Cadley Visitor mooring
Cadley Visitor mooring - 2
Cadley Visitor mooring access to facilities

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Aldcliffe Road, Lancaster Services

Rings or Bollards: Bollards/rings

Towpath surface: Paved area

Accessibility to Lancaster: Towpath access to main road, various shopping outlets to local vicinity.

Car Parking: None on Trust land. 30 minutes at Aldcliffe, 2 hours in Aldi, various NCP's in town centre

Toilets: Lancaster Services

Aldcliffe Road visitor mooring
Aldcliffe Road visitor mooring - 2
Aldcliffe Road visitor mooring facilities

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Canal Turn, Carnforth, Carnforth Services

Rings or Bollards: Rings

Towpath surface: Tarmac/Hardcore surfaced area

Accessibility to Carnforth: Towpath access to main road, various shopping outlets to local vicinity.

Car Parking: Canal Turn carpark

Toilets: Carnforth Services

Carnforth visitor mooring
Carnforth visitor mooring - 2
Carnforth visitor mooring - access

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Uppermill Centre – Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Rings or Bollards: Bollards

Towpath surface: Fine stone

Accessibility: Flat towards Lock 21W, steep ramp in direction of 22W

Car Parking: Saddleworth Museum

Toilets: Saddleworth Museum

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Chester Wharf – Shropshire Union

Rings or Bollards: Rings

Towpath surface: Concrete path, flat and even surface

Accessibility: The city centre is a 10 minute walk. Waterpoint at the northern end of the mooring.

Car Parking: The nearest car park is a five minute walk and is pay and display.

Toilets: Toilets are on the opposite side of the canal at Chester Services and are accessed via a turnover footbridge, which has a rough and uneven brick and stone surface. There is a separate mooring outside the services.

Chester Wharf Visitor mooring
Chester access to services

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Waterside House, Wigan - Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Rings or Bollards: Rings

Towpath surface: Paved

Accessibility to hinterland: Towpath access to Trencherfield Mill, very flat. Slope up to Chapel Lane

Car Parking: Trencherfield Mill

Toilets: Trust facilities by lock 86, just past Chapel Lane, 180m away

Wigan Waterside House visitor mooring

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Anderton Boat Lift - Weaver Navigation

Rings or Bollards: Bollards at the waiting mooring, rings at official moorings on either side

Towpath surface: Tarmac around the visitor's centre. Compacted gravel towards Marbury, but uneven and muddy towards Barnton tunnel

Accessibility to hinterland: Bridge over basin, then uphill with paved/tarmac surfaces towards Anderton

Car Parking: Adjacent council pay & display car park, with drop-off area outside centre

Toilets: Within visitor's centre.

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Whaley Bridge – Peak Forest Canal

Rings or Bollards: Bollards

Towpath surface: Gravel

Accessibility to hinterland: Easy access by car and foot, shops, pubs, cafes. Trip boats

Car Parking: Car parking right by the water point, free to boaters

Toilets: No separate disabled toilet, not good access for a wheelchair, as there are steps

Services: Water, elsan.

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More information: Nearby, there is a Tesco which is accessible via a zigzag path down to the shop just after bridge 37A. Bugsworth basin is a major historical site . Carry on to the far end of the car park and pass under the Bridgemont Tunnel and then turn left to go up a path (14 degrees) this is quite steep but its wide. At the top turn left onto the towpath and follow this to Bugsworth Basin going under bridge 56.

Bugsworth Basin – Peak Forest Canal

Rings or Bollards: Rings

Towpath surface: Stone edge, Gravel

Accessibility to hinterland: Flat walk up to Navigation pub

Car Parking: Pay & Display at pub, parking on road

Toilets: Disabled toilet good access flat with setts, operated by the Bugsworth Basin Trust

Services: Water, elsan, operated by the Bugsworth Basin Trust

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More information: Bugsworth Basin is close to the Whaley Bridge area on the Upper Peak Forest Canal and is a boating destination point and hence a very popular spot for boaters in the season. The basin is well maintained and has several models of the site as it was when it was a working site shipping limestone and lime from this site into Manchester and beyond.

Footpath follows the tram lines where horses pulled the carts transporting the limestone from Dovedale to Bugsworth Basin. There is a 1.5 mile walk into Whaley Bridge and local Tesco. Go past bridge 56 then under the canal using a setts path (14 degrees steep but reasonably wide). Go under the tunnel to Tesco car park. For Whaley Bridge, go to the right hand side of Tesco, then use the zig zag path up to the towpath and re-join the towpath at bridge 37A. Turn left, go under this bridge and follow the towpath into Whaley Bridge. Please note that the towpath from bridge 37A to bridge 56 is not easy as there is a steep gradient from the towpath down to the Bridgemont Tunnel (15-17 degrees) and its very rough and not that wide. Access across bridge 56 is not practical for wheelchair users.

Bosley Locks - Macclesfield Canal

Rings or Bollards: Bollards on towpath opposite services

Towpath surface: Stone edge, grass margin, gravel path opposite services

Accessibility to hinterland: flat surface to road, through gate.

Car Parking: Bullgate Lane on road parking

Toilets: Disabled toilets

Services: Water, elsan, washing, drying machine, rubbish facility

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More information: Bosley is about the midpoint of the Macclesfield Canal and about 6 miles south of Macclesfield. It's pretty remote and its 15+ mins walk to the main road which does have bus services to Leek, Macclesfield and Congleton. No shops, but a pub nearby 25+ mins walk from Top Lock called the Harrington Arms (Bosley). There is mooring near the locks. disabled access from the lock is via a stone edge and then grass before you get to a limestone surface. From the towpath side go over the road/canal bridge 54 which is right next to the Service Block. The Bosley Flight is manned most of the season. if you need help on the flight please contact the Trust on 03030 404040 and they will arrange for lock keepers to help you.

Last Edited: 11 March 2022

photo of a location on the canals
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