Showing the love for Pocklington canal

Our ecologist Phillippa Baron talks about how she would like to #showthelove for Pocklington Canal.

Phillippa Baron on the Pocklington Canal

I would really like to #showthelove for the beautiful Pocklington Canal in East Yorkshire. Not only does this little gem of a canal have three Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) along its length but it’s also a truly beautiful and tranquil place. The canal is designated for its aquatic plants and a number of nationally and locally rare pond weeds can be found here.

The Pocklington is my favourite canal in our North East waterways – I wonder if it’s because I live in Leeds and so this quiet, rural canal offers a real contrast. I think it’s really important that we all do our bit and save resources where we can, so that we can protect our natural environment and places like the Pocklington.  It really is such a great canal - I’ve been lucky enough to have seen kingfishers, barn owls, deer, hares and of course some beautifully coloured dragonflies and damselflies there – and we all have a role to play in protecting these special places so that future generations can enjoy them.  

Come and find out more about the beautiful Pocklington Canal here 

Last date edited: 15 February 2017

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