Going wild in the school holidays

Throughout August the canal hosted a fun series of wildlife family events, led by Phil Taylor of Green Underwing Wildlife Education.

Children at Pocklington Canal Wildlife Family Event 2018 Children at Pocklington Canal Wildlife Family Event 2018

Everyone knows that learning by exploring outside is more fun than being stuck indoors, and this summer we’ve certainly had the weather for our wildlife workshop events.  

We’ve had four sessions:

  • Marvellous Minibeasts
  • Animal Athletics
  • Life in the Pond
  • Wildlife Detectives

We’ve had 32 children join us in total, plus accompanying parents and grandparents. Phil has come up with some wonderful sessions combining wildlife hunts, games and craft-making which has kept the kids (and the parents!) entertained!

Family Wildlife Event on the Pocklington Canal, August 2018

Watching a boat go through the Swing Bridge added a touch of extra entertainment

Crafty highlights have been creating beautiful caddisfly larva cases (insects which gather gravel, twigs and leaves to create a case to live and pupate in) and decorating camouflaged moths.

Caddis fly arts and crafts at Pocklington Canal Family Event

A decorated caddisfly case

Pond dipping has been a hit, with ferocious looking water scorpions and delicate newts amongst the favourite finds. Families can feel a little bit bolder about trying these activities for themselves, having seen how simple it is to take a closer look at nature.

Wildlife Area at Melbourne Arm, Pocklington Canal

Our newly repaired pathway to the pond dipping area provided a wonderful outdoor classroom

We’ve been asking for feedback from sessions and had some wonderful comments:

General comment "Fantastic course for young wildlife lovers!"

What was the best thing about your visit? "A grasshopper pooed on my hand!"

Have you learnt anything new about the canal? "Yes lots! We had never been bug hunting before."

Will you do anything differently because of your visit? "Visit again!"

Cricket at Pocklington Canal Family Event

The culprit grasshoppper...

Take a look at Phil's website for details of future events and the other venues he runs events.

Written by Lizzie Dealey, Project Officer

Last date edited: 2 September 2018

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