A sunny heritage event on the canal

On Sunday 20 May 2018 we celebrated the heritage of the Pocklington Canal at our open day event. The sun was shining, which made a special day event better.

Activities at Pocklington Canal Heritage Open Day 20th May 2018 Activities at Pocklington Canal Heritage Open Day 20th May 2018

Our heritage open day was the first of three main celebratory events taking place this year to mark the bicentenary of the Pocklington Canal.

We were delighted to be joined by Rusticus Theatre who brought some of the historical characters from the canal's past back to life - accompanied by a lot of fun and laughter. Jim and Rachel did a wonderful job of entertaining families on a magical time travelling adventure which saw them travel back and forth over the canal's 200 year past.

Pocklington Canal Heritage Open Day 20th May 2018

Meeting Mark Swann (Pocklington Canal lock keeper between 1818 - 1850)

Pocklington Canal Heritage Open Day 20th May 2018 (2)

The group following the Rusticus Adventure walk along the towpath towards Church Bridge and Thornton Lock.

Our event also allowed people to spend a bit of time as the Victorians would... with a modern twist. Pleasure boating was a common pastime on the Pocklington Canal. The open Candian kayaks allowed people to experience taking to the water and enjoying the peaceful nature of the canal. Thanks to Greg from Kirklees Adventure for keeping everyone safe! Greg (with the Trust's Becca and Jim) also ensured that there were no 'collisions' between the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society's New Horizons tripboat!

Pocklington Canal Heritage Open Day 20th May 2018 (2)

Phil from Green Underwing Education got into the swing of the day by helping kids to sweepnet the towpath looking for interesting bugs. Entomology was something that fascinated the Victorians and it seems very likely that the open water of the canal at the time would have provided habitats for dragonflies, even if there woudl have been much less wet vegetation around than there is today.

Sweepnetting at Heritage Open Day 20th May 2018

Pocklington Canal Amenity Society (PCAS), the Inland Waterways Association East Yorkshire Branch and Sugarcraft all joined us to set up stalls in the Melbourne Arms car park. The massive jenga and Connnect 4 proved popular with old and young kids alike, while PCAS's bake sale provided much needed refreshments. 

Thanks to all that came and enjoyed the day - the next one of these three main events is our nature open day on 24 June.

Lizzie Dealey, Pocklington Canal project officer

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