Regent's Canal 200

In 2020 the Regent’s Canal will be 200 years old and we want to celebrate this amazing landmark which weaves through the heart of our capital, providing health and happiness to millions of Londoners

Regent's Canal City Road

Update March 2020

These are unprecedented times but we will continue to work hard to celebrate the Regent's Canal's 200th anniversary as soon as we can. We hope you'll join us when the time is right so please continue to follow the latest updates on our website. We hope you visit this page again soon. Thank you for your support.


After architect and town planner John Nash produced a masterplan to redevelop a large area of London for the Prince Regent in 1811, work to construct the Regent's Canal began in 1812. The final section between Camden and Limehouse, which includes the 886 metre Islington Tunnel opened on 1st August 1820 to great fanfare and celebration in London.

Help us celebrate Regent's 200

  • To many Londoners this is still an undiscovered gem, so come out and have a walk, spot wildlife, gongoozle and celebrate the history of the canal and the role it has played for both London and the world
  • And finally, use our #RegentsCanal200 hashtag on social media and tag us at @CRTSouthEast to show us

Upcoming events

Take a look at the video below to give you a flavour of things. If you would like any more information about taking part in the Regent’s 200, please contact us

Last date edited: 20 March 2020