Improving green space in Mile End

In 2020 the Regent’s Canal celebrated its bicentenary. As part of its ongoing legacy we want to create areas of green space where people can connect with the canal’s unique nature and heritage. To reimagine the canalside space in Mile End we've invited the local community to have their say.

Volunteers planting plants along the towpath in Birmingham Our volunteers work alongside local communities to help improve towpaths all over our network

What we’ve done

Working with a specialist design agency, make:good, we’ve engaged with lots of people who live, work and travel along the Mile End stretch of the Regent’s Canal. Most recently we’ve held interactive workshops with members of the local community and Queen Mary University to help inform our plans to create a space that people will use and cherish.

What we’re going to do

The workshops are only the beginning of the process. Once we have a better understanding of what the community would like to see, we'll start putting plans in place to make the changes a reality, including seeking further funding and offering volunteering opportunities and engagement activities. We’ll also share with you the designs that develop.

Please do check this page for updates in the coming months.

About make:good

make:good is an architecture and design studio involving people in shaping neighbourhood change. They believe in bringing people together to collaborate on the future of an area and its built environment. They use their creative expertise to co-design local solutions as well as to effectively communicate ideas and share insight.

Last date edited: 2 February 2021