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Managing Waterway Restoration Course

We are running a new free course on ‘Managing Waterway Restoration’ which will be led by Dr Geraint Coles.

The courses have now finished but notes can be found below. More notes will be added.

Part one: From creating a vision to restoration planning

The first part of the course looked at the project planning and management skills required to take a project from initial brainwave to a deliverable scheme which is likely to be funded. Partnership working, getting the best out of consultants, management, governance and financial structures required at the key development stages were also explored. 


Part two: Managing restoration delivery

The practical management of project delivery from detailed build-design to project approvals (environmental & planning) then on to site preparations and safety. The unit will introduce construction design management principles and their importance to health & safety and the integration of contractors and volunteers on the same worksite.

Part three: Keeping the lights on

The sustainability of waterway conservation, restoration and development projects. It will explore both "meanwhile uses" that may be used to generate income to support delivery of the project and those "end use" activities that are the long term goal. The importance of a robust business case and embedding sustainability into the project plan is emphasised. 

Last date edited: 8 May 2017