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Improving our website

Following your feedback that our website could work better for you, we’re making some updates. You’ll start to see some changes this autumn to make information easier to find, more accessible and more mobile-friendly.

What changes are we making?

Based on feedback from customers, supporters, volunteers and other website visitors, the end goal is to ensure the site looks and feels more like a charity in need of support, whilst being able to service the needs of all our users.

Since our last refresh, five years ago, website technology and best practice has also moved on, as have the needs and expectations of our website visitors. We’ve made the website more accessible and, with more people visiting via their phones, the website is now more mobile-friendly. We’re also making improvements to our online maps, starting with the Canal & River network map.

On some pages you won’t see much change immediately, such as the Stoppages and the MyTrust parts of the site, as we work on improvements to more areas over time.

How can you give feedback?

We’ve worked with customers, supporters, and volunteers on the improvements. As well as better meeting customers’ needs, the changes have a wider aim of attracting even more support for the Trust and generating a better understanding of the work we do.

Once the changes have happened, we’d love to hear your feedback. Use our dedicated email address to tell us what’s good, and what needs further improvement: [email protected]

Last Edited: 13 September 2023

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