Current consultations

From time to time the decisions we make can change the way you use the canal and river network. Where this happens we always try to get your input. Where it's a complex decision or has national interest, we will carry out a formal consultation. They don't happen all the time but if there are any underway you'll find them below.


The suggested removal of the only bench on limehouse cut

We have been working with your Neighbourhood Police Team and Andrew Ager, chair of Silver Wharf Residents’ Association on anti-social behaviour issues along the Limehouse Cut. In particular, we understand that many of these issues have been centred around the bench adjacent to Cotall Street. 

One of the suggested solutions to the issues has been to remove this bench as it’s thought that this will decrease the chances of people using it as a place to 'hang out' and act in an anti-social way.

We do, however, think that removing this bench would be a great shame. It was paid for by public funds so that everyone can enjoy the Limehouse Cut and intended to be a point of rest. It’s particularly useful to those that find walking long distances difficult. The bench itself was installed before the housing developments now when commercial premises stood in their place. As the area changed, the number of complaints resulting in from local residents to the police has gown.

Bearing this in mind we will be consulting locally to find out what people think before taking any discussions about removing, relocating or leaving the bench in the position it is currently in.

To let us know what you think, please email us at or write to us as Canal & River Trust London, 420 Manchester Rd, Docklands, London, E14 9ST before 31st August 2015. All the correspondence will be shared with the Silver Wharf Residents’ Association as part of this process.