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Keep Canals Alive Campaign - update three

We are continuing to keep the pressure on to #KeepCanalsAlive and are very grateful for your ongoing support.

We have continued our programme of government engagement to keep the profile of our campaign as high as we can with politicians, and prospective politicians, from all sides. This has involved more detailed stakeholder mapping and many meetings with MPs, including visits to all regions of our extensive canal network and to many of our 'Winter Works' events.

We are seeking to promote greater use and appreciation of our canals and the benefits they bring to communities and to the country, and to have greater understanding of our role in caring for them - hence to build both public and political support.

On 6 March we took our campaign right to the heart of government, with a reception in the Houses of Parliament. We demonstrated the important role that the canal network and the Trust itself can play in helping address national challenges - such as infrastructure resilience, water security and nature recovery - as well as providing the social value that we traditionally think of in connection with our canals.

Minister for Water & Rural Affairs, Robbie Moore, with Richard Parry Minister for Water & Rural Affairs, Robbie Moore, with Richard Parry, chief executive

We were heartened to receive ringing endorsements of the value of our canals from MPs on both sides of the house, including Robbie Moore MP, the Minister for Water and Rural Growth at Defra, Toby Perkins MP, the Shadow Minister for Nature and Rural Affairs, and Wendy Morton MP.

During the event, we had the opportunity to share our Impact Reportwhich showcases the profound significance this unique network of canals has in people’s lives today and how it can shape our futures.

You can hear from our chair, David Orr, and our chief executive, Richard Parry, on their way into the reception in our video below.

Our work doesn’t stop there. We are actively following up with the many MPs and Peers who joined us to press the case for continued support.

Thank you

A huge thank you again to everyone who has taken part in #KeepCanalsAlive already. Please continue to raise awareness by sharing this message far and wide and we’ll continue to fight for our canal network.

Image above shows our chair, David Orr, speaking at the Parliamentary reception.

Toby Perkins MP, Lilian Greenwood MP, Holly Lynch MP, Adnan Saif Toby Perkins MP, Lilian Greenwood MP, Holly Lynch MP, Adnan Saif

Thank you for helping #KeepCanalsAlive

Last Edited: 13 March 2024

photo of a location on the canals
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