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Commemorative Red Wheels

In partnership with the Transport Trust we have installed approximately 25 Red Wheel commemorative plaques at various important sites of our network.

Group of colleagues stood by Red Wheel plaque at Standedge Tunnel

The nationwide Red Wheel scheme was launched in 2009 in Derbyshire by the Transport Trust, a charity that promotes and encourages the preservation and restoration of Britain's transport heritage. The Red Wheels are similar to English Heritage's blue plaque scheme, and commemorate Britain's greatest transport heritage sites with emphasis on key locations of engineering and transport importance.

Important role of canals

These plaques mark the important role of Britain's inland waterways, constructed in great numbers between 1760 and 1840 and crucial to the development of transport and the Industrial Revolution. At its greatest extent the inland waterway network stretched to over 5,000 miles and carried 30 million tonnes of goods and raw materials across Britain every year. Almost all the major cities and towns had a canal or a river navigation: from London to Lancaster and from Wales to the Wash.

Installing Red Wheels at key locations brings the significance of our canal heritage to the attention of the public, encouraging visits and a greater understanding of these unique sites. Why don't you check the list of heritage transport sites to plan your next cultural visit?

To name just a few...

You can find Red Wheel plaques at Gloucester Docks, Foxton, Hatton, Bugsworth Canal Basin, Braunston, Claverton Pumping Station, Lune Aqueduct, Anderton Boat Lift, Standedge Tunnel, Stourport, Bingley, Blisworth Tunnel, Whaley Bridge Wharf and Caen Hill Flight to name just a few.

Last Edited: 16 July 2015

photo of a location on the canals
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