So who is Samuel Oldknow?

Samuel Oldknow (1756 – 1828) transformed rural Marple and Mellor into a hub of industry. By the time he was 30, he had made a fortune producing muslin. With a loan from Richard Arkwright he built mills in Stockport and Mellor; Mellor Mill, next to the River Goyt, was the largest cotton spinning mill in the world at the time.

He was a man who used water to his advantage, diverting the course of the River Goyt to power Mellor Mill, and he was the driving force behind the creation of the Peak Forest Canal.

As you walk around Marple and Mellor there are street names, buildings, structures and areas of land that are all parts of Oldknow’s legacy, the things he’s left behind. Three places where we can really appreciate his astonishing achievements are the remains of Mellor Mill, Marple Lime Kilns and Marple Aqueduct. We’ll focus on these areas, exploring and revealing the sites and telling their stories.

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Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy: Mellor Mill and the Peak Forest Canal in Marple

Join us on an exciting journey around Samuel Oldknow's stomping ground, Mellor Mill and the Peak Forest Canal in Marple.

In 2014, Mellor Archaeological Trust and the Canal & River Trust joined forces to reveal Oldknow’s legacy. The three year project was designed to conserve and interpret Oldknow’s legacy through archaeology, learning and volunteering opportunities. 

Although now complete, you can still discover who Samuel Oldknow was and why he's a big deal? Read our blog posts to find out more.


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