Notices and stoppages

Our canals and rivers are open for navigation but passage through some tunnels, bridges and locks needs to be booked in advance. This might be because of unexpected events, such as an unplanned stoppage or coronavirus restrictions, or because boat passage needs to coincide with tide times.

Some of these, such as Anderton Boat Lift and the Ribble Link, can be booked via the boat licence platform. Others, such as Harecastle Tunnel and some of our tidal locks, are booked in other ways. Click this link and then scroll down to see an up to date list of all the structures that need booking, when they’re open and how to book

We encourage people to strictly observe social distancing at all times, following the latest advice from the government. Before you go by boat, bike or boot, remember to check your route.

Search for any closures (stoppages), restrictions and booking information, opening times, notices and navigation advice. Simply enter the first two letters of the waterway you’re interested in. Then filter by type of notice and view notices either in a list or on the map.

Coronavirus restrictions

Any stoppages on our network relating to coronavirus restrictions will be listed on this page. However, if you'd like more general information about how we're reacting to the pandemic and how we're supporting those who rely on our network, you can read our latest statement.

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Flooding advice

If you're in an area affected by flooding, read our advice for walkers and boaters on staying safe during flooding.

Winter works programme 2020/21

Each winter, when fewer boats are cruising our waterways, we carry out essential repairs and maintenance. In many cases we need to close the waterway completely, and sometimes even the towpath.

Before we begin we always consult the people who use our waterways to make sure these stoppages cause as little disruption as possible. Thank you to all those who commented on our draft winter 2020/21 programme. This has now been finalised and you can see the individual stoppages in the main search below. You can also download a full list of the 2020/21 winter stoppages as a pdf. 

Please remember that all planned stoppages are subject to change, depending on the latest advice from the government regarding the coronavirus epidemic. We will update the notices to reflect any such changes.

Boaters' guides

Download a PDF of your waterway, for navigation information and boaters’ facilities. Note: some information may not be up-to-date, so cross reference with other available guides.


Check the dimensions of our waterways before setting off on your journey. Note: this information is only a helpful guide. Always use your own judgement and check water levels and other navigation advice first.

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