Bridge 63 (48-inch MP Gas Main) Salmon Lane, Limehouse - Cadent Gas Pipe Full Replacement Works - Regents Canal - Towpath Closure, Navigational Night Closures & Mooring Suspension.


From Date: 05/06/2023 08:00

To Date: 09/02/2024 18:00 inclusive

Type: Towpath Closure

Reason: 3rd Party Works

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: Regent's Canal

Starts at: Bridge 61, Parnham Street Bridge

Ends at: Bridge 64, Commercial Road Bridge (A13)


14/12/2023 12:43

Please be advised that due to a further fault found on site we've made the decision to extend this closure till the 9th of February.

If there's any advancement on the repair works we'll update this notice.

30/11/2023 11:15

The completion date has been extended until the 18th December

16/11/2023 11:10

Cadent Gas will be undertaking the lifting of the new Gas Pipe across the canal and into position with a crane situated on Lowell Street. Lifting operations will be undertaken on the 20th & 21st November under a navigational restriction, which will see the navigation closed for 30 minutes in any 3 hour window, Daytime restrictions only. 

19/09/2023 14:42

The completion date has been extended until the 30th November

09/08/2023 15:05

Due to engineering difficulties on site the completion date for these works needs to be pushed back until 17.09.23.

31/07/2023 15:16

To facilitate the lifting in of the new Gas Pipe, Cadent Gas has requested a 30 minute closure of the navigation to facilitate this. Due to not knowing weather conditions on a certain day the 30 minute closure will be undertaken anytime between the 14.08.23 – 18.08.23, Daytime only.

16/06/2023 11:51

The week of night closures of the navigation has been changed. The new dates for the night closures will be Monday 3rd July - Friday 7th July. Closure times will be from 22:00pm to 05:00am each night.


Cadent Gas have commissioned Morrison Energy Services to undertake a full gas pipe replacement of a 48inch mains gas pipe which spans the Regents canal. 

To facilitate the works the towpath between Bridge 61, Parnham Street Bridge & Bridge 64, Commercial Rd Bridge (A13) will need to be closed along with a mooring suspension along this stretch. A full diversion route will be in place and directional signage will be installed along the diversion route. 

1 week of night closures of the navigation is also required between Monday 19th June & Friday 23rd June. Closure times will be from 22:00pm to 05:00am each night.

The towpath will be closed for a 12-week duration as well as the mooring suspension. However, the navigation will always remain unrestricted along with Commercial Rd Lock and Salmons Lane Lock apart from the night closures between the above dates.


These works are crucial due to current non-compliant metal work which makes up this pipe. The works also need to be completed prior to Winter 2023 to prevent disruption to gas supplies within the winter months.